Friday, September 14, 2012

Yep-- I'm Still Here

So, I knew it's been a long time since I've posted, but I didn't realize it's been since MAY!!!

A lot has happened--- The trip to Europe, the Derecho, family reunion, a niece's wedding, new windows throughout the house, a new hobby in jewelry making, more knitting, a huge tree removed from the back yard (breaks my heart, but it had to go!), and I've embraced Pinterest.

And a lot is happening-- Football season at Tech, (the REAL Tech-- the Virginia Tech one), more knitting projects, trying to get the house painted and together after the aforementioned window replacements.

This is all not to mention work-- busy, interesting, and always the best job in the world.

So here's some of what's gone on:

Sagrida Familia, Barcelona

With my ol' buddy, Mary Tyler Moore in Minneapolis en route the family reunion at Birch Bay  

Beyond description-- and you cannot imagine what the inside of the house looks like, after having to move everything away from the windows.  It's still a disaster, but there is hope in sight, And we're supposedly going to save a bundle on heating and air conditioning.
Gives you an idea of how big this sucker was--the pic was taken from the second floor of the house