Saturday, May 13, 2006

I Have Yarn!

So, as you have all heard me whine, I didn't get to go to MS&W. But did that stop me? NOOoooooo.

I hit the Happy Place and picked up some Cherry Tree Farm yarn that will be used for Wendy's Grape Arbor shawl. And I got some Whisper (it's on sale, y'all) that will be used for the Baltic Sea stole. And I got a bunch of the Debbie Bliss silk in a beautiful silver grey that will turn into a very simple wrap.

I also got replacements for some of my tiny-sized DPNs. Never have enough. And another Addi Turbo. And a set of stitch holders.

And today when I got home, there was a package of Lisa Souza Sock! yarn. Three nifty skeins that I know I won't get to for quite awhile, but there they are.

The Baltic Sea stole and the silver silk are going with me on my cruise to Bermuda. (and maybe a skein of sock yarn, too.) (maybe) (don't want to overdo.)

We're Leaving in The Morning

A whole week off work.
And I'll catch ya when I get back.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Color Me Jealous

...because I've been drooling over everyone's blogs. EVERYONE went to MS&W this past weekend except moi, it seems. EVERYONE got wonderful yarn and got to hang out in beautiful weather, and see those really neat sheep and alpacas.

Well, I got night differential....

Monday, May 08, 2006

Catching Up

No blogs for the past few days, because I just came off 3 night shifts. Having caught a couple hours of ZZZs, I figured I'd blog a bit.

I am a bit preoccupied, because I leave Sunday for a cruise to here. (Figured I'd save the pretty pictures for later. Always loved those CIA factbooks).

The faucet handle arrived Friday, and was easily installed. Somehow, the hot & cold were reversed, but I got that fixed today. We have hot, we have cold, we have water. (Guess I'd better clean the kitchen. No more excuses.)

The parts of the shawl-collar sweater are done, and if I get some energy today, it just might become a totally FO. I had as much as I could take of the never-ending collar, and quit some 14 rows shy of where it was supposed to end. As it was, it took 3 balls of Cashmarino Chunky for the collar alone. That's between $25 and $30 just for the collar.

I couldn't see using a 4th ball.

It looks fine.

We had a lovely Late Night and celebrated The Impending Demise of Spinsterhood for our dear friend Ann.
Anyway,Here's to you, Chica!!!

Since I was working during the "bracketing nights" I was unable, AGAIN, to go to Maryland Sheep & Wook. Such a hassle!!! But my friend Carolina is such a sweetie. I saw her for a bit at Late Night, and she OFFERED to purchase yarn for me. We had a little discussion about my preferences, one of which is that I LOVE surprises. So I can't wait to see what she chose for me. (And make sure I don't forget my checkbook!!!)

Remember that Guardian Angel???

Glad to say S/He is still lookin' out for me. And for others. I was on my way to work on Saturday evening (see a theme here?) driving on Fort Hunt Road--AT the speed limit, I might add-- when a car was suddenly in front of me. Apparently it didn't register to her that there was a stop sign that is intended to prevent people from ending up perpendicular to cross-traffic on a very busy secondary road.

I saw her in front of me. I hit the horn. I hit the brakes. The anti-lock factor kicked in, so I didn't skid. However, when one slams on the brakes, one keeps moving for a bit. I think it was probably about a second and a half.

What goes through one's mind while hurtling toward the driver of a car who is directly in front of you and is looking you in the eyes? Here's my list:
1. Oh no. I'm going to hit her.
2. My air bag will deploy, and I won't be too injured.
3. I'm going to hurt her. A lot.
4. Oh my God. She has kids in the car.

I was blessed to have a 5th thought.

5. How did my car stop 6 inches from broadsiding her?

After a second or so of us both catching our breaths, she proceeded across the road, and pulled over. I really didn't have anything constructive to say to her, so after a Sign of the Cross, I kept driving.

The Son had been driving the car, and took it in for inspection last month. Although it passed, they said the brakes were getting low, so we took it to the dealer to have them fixed.

I'm starting to breathe again

Thursday, May 04, 2006

What a Way to Start the Day!

So I wake up and stumble into the kitchen to make coffee, turn on the water, and the faucet handle breaks off in my hand. This is one of the single-handle, has the squirter thing that pulls out. Installing this sink and counter (about 6 or 7 years ago) was somewhat akin to the Landing at Normandy in terms of planning and execution.

The faucet was attached to the sink before the sink was installed on the counter. The garbage disposal is in front of the sink fixin's, and required a plumber to attach the waste drain which looks like a Rube Goldberg concoction.

As I disassembled the faucet, it appeared that it would be possible to just replace the handle, although it would require purchase of the entire faucet set-up. I wouldn't mind that-- we're talking a hundred bucks vice a thousand.

Nice idea, but Wrong. They don't sell this kind any more.

Is it too early to pull out the scotch?

The Saga Continues
Ok-- here we go. I went to Lowe's (which I usually like a lot) and ran into the most unhelpful, sanctimonious jerk in the plumbing section. In spite of him, I bought a faucet. When I got home I discovered that for a variety of reasons it wasn't going to work.

So I went to Home Depot, where I ran into a guy who was SO helpful-- spent a lot of time with me, and we thought we had a solution, but then figured it wasn't going to work. I bought the other faucet anyway, and figured I'd give it a try. $68 is better than a thousand.

Then I did what I should have done in the first place. Called Moen. Maybe they'd still have the part? Well-- not only do they have the part, they have a LIFETIME GUARANTEE. I've rarely taken people up on a lifetime guarantee. Since I preferred to get the part tomorrow rather than next week, the only thing I have to pay for is the overnight mail. $12.

So the water situation in the house is "iffy"-- not sure if I can turn it back on without flooding the kitchen.

Hey-- that means we'll probably have to go out for dinner.

Damn the bad luck!!!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Never-Ending Collar

My prediction was pretty close to accurate. Not only am I into my THIRD ball of Cashmarino Chunky on the collar of this sweater, but I somehow misplaced my 10-1/2 Addi Turbo, and haven't been able to get to The Shop so I'm using straight needles. The sweater collar is formed with short-row shaping using wrapped stitches, so in order to keep some semblance of saknity, I'm transferring the non-current stitches back to the size 10 circular to reduce weight and sheer number of stitches on the needles. (The collar starts out with over 250 stitches, and you get down to 68 live stitches in the center before it all comes together again by picking up the stitches and their wee wrappies to prepare for cast-off.)

My goal is to get the shawl collar done tonight--TONIGHT, I tell you!!! I've been through NCIS, The Unit, The Dynasty Reunion (interesting, since I never watched Dynasty the first time around), and now to what's left of Leno.

Tom Cruise is on Letterman. There was a time when I would have looked forward to seeing that, but gone are the days.

If it gets really late, I may break out Season One of The Gilmore Girls.

Picture tomorrow.