Monday, October 14, 2013

Various stuff

Had a great weekend in Blacksburg-- the weather was misty-- sort of like Ireland, but the Hokies had a win against Pitt, the bratwurst was yummy, and we had a great time with our friends.
To top off  the day was an evening of great football, with a heart-attack special, 4-overtime Penn State vs Michigan game (no overwhelming loyalties to either team-- just great football) and a cliffhanger for Ole Miss vs Texas A&M.

Almost done with The Daughter's DNA scarf.  I have a few more projects that I really need to get charging forward on... not the least of which is the bunting.  Gotta do it! Soon!

Thought I'd share these Helpful Technology Tips I saw online this morning.  Who knew?

Our hospital has the Magnet Survey visit this week.  Such excitement!  Then a couple of more shifts, before Sunday, when our family will see Da Bears vs the Redskins. I don't think I've ever been to a pro game, and I grew up in Chicago.  It'll be great to be with The Offspring at such a fun event.

Well, That's That for now.