Tuesday, August 23, 2005

When Tuesday is Saturday...

I truly am alive and kicking.

Last week was quite something. I worked very late in the office on Monday, then for half a day on Tuesday, at which time The Husband fetched me from work and ferried me down to Blacksburg. I knit most of the fronts of the pink and green baby sweater while riding through rain and mountains. We arrived at The Sweet Daughter's dorm and proceeded to assemble her loft bed and take the initial steps in putting her room together. Then Buffalo Wild Wings for a very late dinner (and thank heaven for Michelob Ultra...) and headed back to the hotel.

On Wednesday I unpacked her stuff. All day. Now I'm not one of those moms who needs to set up the room of a daughter who is totally capable of doing it herself, but she was working with the Virginia Tech band (The Marching Virginians), and really needed to get her stuff out of the way so that her roommate would be able to do the same when she arrived. Meanwhile The Husband made numerous trips to and from the car, and worked on setting up and de-bugging the new compter. (Dude-- she got a Dell.) It was another long day.

Thursday was more of the same, so we finished what we needed to-- computer ready to go, DVD connected to TV, Rubbermaid bins emptied and ready to haul home, and we headed out about 2, and I finished the back of the baby sweater on the way home. We met The Son for dinner at Daks-- our neighborhood restaurant. The Son had been packing for the previous couple of days in preparation for his departure.

I did 12-hour shifts at the hospital on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and did a regular office day on Monday. I guess it was good that I was so busy, bacause The Son left for school on Friday, and with working so much, it didn't occur to me that The Offspring were both sprung.

So Monday was an early day off work. For the first time in ages, I actually had a day that felt like a Friday. How interesting that it was a Monday afternoon. It was such an unusual experience to be out early enough to do things like go to the pharmacy, shop for groceries, actually fix dinner, and do it all while the sun was still shining.

So today is Saturday. Or like Saturday, except that I did most of my little chores yesterday, so I'm home and I don't have to race around. I slept til almost 9, and then deposited myself at the sewing machine to finish appliques on The Daughter's sorority letter shirts, and put patches on the butts of her favorite pairs of jeans. I felt so darn productive. And I've listened to most of a V.I. Warshawski book. They take place in Chicago, which makes me happy.

The only problem is that I didn't pay attention to The Daughter's room number, so I can't mail the stuff til tomorrow. And I guess that's a good thing because I have plenty of things I need to do, and I'll save tomorrow for stuff outside the house.

And best of all, I'll be able to hit Late Night tomorrow. It's been many weeks, and I miss my friends. Just can't wait!!!

And back to the mill on Thursday.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Lovin' the Colors

I've make a bit of progress on the baby girl version of the Quaker Ridge cardigan. It's in celery with pink trim, and little pink and white stripes. It's for a friend at work who is having either a boy or girl. Pick one. If it's a boy, she has to give it back and she'll get the boy version.

The smart thing to do would have been to start on boy sweaters, since 2 others are having boys. Then, if it's a girl, I'd have a boy sweater done already. Yes, I know-- there are "neutral" combinations. But my spirit needed to knit these colors. They make me happy, and that's a good thing.

The boy sweaters will be various combinations of bright blue, celery and white. They'll be cute, too. No doubt.

Packin' Em Up, Headin' Em Out

The Offspring are both getting ready to go back to school. I literally cannot walk through the living room, although they have attempted to make a small path for navigation purposes.

The Daughter is going tomorrow, since she's helping with Band registration. I'll go down with The Husband on Tuesday to install her in her room. Put in the rug, reconstruct the loft bed, set up the computer... you get the picture.

Today is play day. In addition to packing up the Rubbermaid containers, we're going to make Greek Letter appliques for the sorority and fraternity shirts. The kids found really unique fabrics, so we'll make the letters, and either sew them on to shirts, or take them to the little Korean lady at the cleaners. She's wonderful.

Then we'll do a bit of shopping for paella fixin's. It's a favorite, but I haven't made it for awhile. The problem is that we were supposed to have the kitchen drawers replaced yesterday. But since the cabinets are original with the house, the hardware rails for these drawers don't work with them. The man was apparently very nice, and spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to make it work, but no success yet. So we have a kitchen full of drawers, and all the stuff that was in the drawers is squirreled away in bags in the dining room. At least I know where the Paella pan is.

So I have to make room to work, and have to locate the stuff I need to cook with.

And get ready to say goodbye.

The Blogger Ate My Post

I just did a very nice update. It disappeared when I tried to post it. Crud!!!

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

I Lied

I said I wasn't going to buy any more yarn, or start any more projects until I finish what I've started and use what I have.

But people at work keep having babies, so I picked up a bunch of King Tut at You Know Where in a beautiful celery, a yummy pink, a cool white and a bright blue to make baby sweaters. The good news is that baby sweaters are small, and there will be an end in sight. Soon. I'm making the Quaker Ridge Cardigan-- a girl one and a boy one-- from Little Badger Knitwear by Ros Badger and Elaine Scott.

Guess What I Got In the Mail?

Lovely stitch markers-- so pretty and delicate-- from the Stitch Marker Swap. Thank you, Thank you, wonderful stitch marker makers. I love them, and I'll get back to you very soon-- I promise!!!

I'd write more right now, but I need to get these baby sweaters started.

Monday, August 08, 2005

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

I'm ba-ack... Did you know that it's 1079 miles from Alexandria,Virginia to Lake Ozark, Missouri? Well, it is. But it feels like a million miles away, and that's a good thing.

We got back late last night, and my mind is still on vacation. It was great.

The trip out was pretty uneventful. Instead of knitting, I read, and finished, Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince. Time well spent, I must say-- and I'm very grateful-- and do not at all take for granted --the gift of being able to read in the car without barfing. Everyone is not so blessed. Since my knitting was underneath everything, I started on the newest Kathy Reichs book, Crossed Bones. I like Kathy Reichs a lot. She's a lot like Patricia Cornwell, only she's really a forensic anthropologist. In her actual life. And her protagonist, Tempe Brennan, hasn't gone through a "pathetic phase" like Kay Scarpetta has. But haven't we all...

The Husband and I met up with The Daughter in Lexington, Kentucky, where the young lovely was attending a sorority national conclave. I called her as we approached the hotel, and simultaneously they had fire alarms going off. False alarm, but gave me a minute of breath-shortness. We spoke with the manager of this fine establishment while we awaited our youngest, and asked if the several hundred college-aged girls had behaved themselves. He said they had been remarkably well-behaved, but that during the previous week the Daughters of the Nile (never heard of them, but then what do I know?)-- a bunch of ladies in their 80's and 90's-- had quite the time, and security had to be called repeatedly because they were apparently enjoying themselves immensely. (!)

So we arrived at the compound at Lake of the Ozarks, and into the loving arms of most of my siblings, their spouses/beloveds and their numerous offspring. And my wonderful parents who not only put up with us all every year, but also foot the bill for the cabins.

My parents have been married for 57 years. Can you believe it? And they are still "hopelessly devoted." They spend a lot of their time traveling, and will be heading off for a cruise of the Celtic Isles next month. They're lovin' life, and we are all so very grateful that they are able to. They've done so much for us, and they really deserve this time and these adventures. (In June they cruised through the Panama Canal. In January they cruised around South America for Mom's 80th birthday. They had a bunch of other trips in-between.)

The week was occupied with lots of together time: sittin' round the pool, imbibing in brewed beverages, some marga-reee-tahs, a Luau-themed mega milestone birthday party on Wednesday for the second of my 4 sisters, and a couldn't be beat singalong with sibs and kids on Thursday after one of those aforementioned imbibages. (We got through all of Abbey Road, much of Rumours, large chunks of Van Morrison, Bob Seger, Billy Joel and Elton John, a little Stones..... you get the picture.) A highlight was when brother #2 (of 4) was imitating Joe Cocker-- or rather, imitating Belushi imitating Joe Cocker-- and ended up in the pool after throwing himself sideways-- on purpose, I choose to think. Good thing the pool was there. When we party, we party hearty.

Serious knitting waited for the ride home, during which I simul-knit the fronts of Spring Fling. For cryin' out loud!!! It's almost Fall, and I'm still Spring Flingin'. Just sleeves left and thank God they're short. Progress note-- no froggin'. I seem to have gotten the focus part of this down.

Anyway, it's good to be home, for my last few days with The Offspring before they're off to school again. There just never seems to be enough time.