Monday, August 08, 2005

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

I'm ba-ack... Did you know that it's 1079 miles from Alexandria,Virginia to Lake Ozark, Missouri? Well, it is. But it feels like a million miles away, and that's a good thing.

We got back late last night, and my mind is still on vacation. It was great.

The trip out was pretty uneventful. Instead of knitting, I read, and finished, Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince. Time well spent, I must say-- and I'm very grateful-- and do not at all take for granted --the gift of being able to read in the car without barfing. Everyone is not so blessed. Since my knitting was underneath everything, I started on the newest Kathy Reichs book, Crossed Bones. I like Kathy Reichs a lot. She's a lot like Patricia Cornwell, only she's really a forensic anthropologist. In her actual life. And her protagonist, Tempe Brennan, hasn't gone through a "pathetic phase" like Kay Scarpetta has. But haven't we all...

The Husband and I met up with The Daughter in Lexington, Kentucky, where the young lovely was attending a sorority national conclave. I called her as we approached the hotel, and simultaneously they had fire alarms going off. False alarm, but gave me a minute of breath-shortness. We spoke with the manager of this fine establishment while we awaited our youngest, and asked if the several hundred college-aged girls had behaved themselves. He said they had been remarkably well-behaved, but that during the previous week the Daughters of the Nile (never heard of them, but then what do I know?)-- a bunch of ladies in their 80's and 90's-- had quite the time, and security had to be called repeatedly because they were apparently enjoying themselves immensely. (!)

So we arrived at the compound at Lake of the Ozarks, and into the loving arms of most of my siblings, their spouses/beloveds and their numerous offspring. And my wonderful parents who not only put up with us all every year, but also foot the bill for the cabins.

My parents have been married for 57 years. Can you believe it? And they are still "hopelessly devoted." They spend a lot of their time traveling, and will be heading off for a cruise of the Celtic Isles next month. They're lovin' life, and we are all so very grateful that they are able to. They've done so much for us, and they really deserve this time and these adventures. (In June they cruised through the Panama Canal. In January they cruised around South America for Mom's 80th birthday. They had a bunch of other trips in-between.)

The week was occupied with lots of together time: sittin' round the pool, imbibing in brewed beverages, some marga-reee-tahs, a Luau-themed mega milestone birthday party on Wednesday for the second of my 4 sisters, and a couldn't be beat singalong with sibs and kids on Thursday after one of those aforementioned imbibages. (We got through all of Abbey Road, much of Rumours, large chunks of Van Morrison, Bob Seger, Billy Joel and Elton John, a little Stones..... you get the picture.) A highlight was when brother #2 (of 4) was imitating Joe Cocker-- or rather, imitating Belushi imitating Joe Cocker-- and ended up in the pool after throwing himself sideways-- on purpose, I choose to think. Good thing the pool was there. When we party, we party hearty.

Serious knitting waited for the ride home, during which I simul-knit the fronts of Spring Fling. For cryin' out loud!!! It's almost Fall, and I'm still Spring Flingin'. Just sleeves left and thank God they're short. Progress note-- no froggin'. I seem to have gotten the focus part of this down.

Anyway, it's good to be home, for my last few days with The Offspring before they're off to school again. There just never seems to be enough time.

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Rossana said...

Welcome back, Laura! Glad you enjoyed such a magical vacation with your family. =)