Saturday, January 04, 2014

Happy New Year

Pretty tatted star from a friend
I met on the Panama Canal cruise
Well, I got my "winter fix." Living where we do, winter is frequently pretty wimpy, with feeble attemps at snow, which completely paralyze the greater DC metropolitan area.  I spent most of this week in the City of Big Shoulders- Chicago--where people know how to drive, the public works people know how to clear snow, and everyone shovels, scrapes, and acts like this is normal. It was great.
We had a wonderful time with the family, and it is always amazing to see how the 26 cousins pick up where they left off.
The snow caused some travel problems, as The Daughter and I had a flight canceled last night, but it meant another night at my Dad's, and a chance to see the Oklahoma-Alabama game. Since we had to leave for the airport at 3 a.m., we hit the sack at halftime, and saw the score this morning.
The flight was fine,  but had to wait over an hour for the gate-checked luggage. If (Small plane, full flight.) What the what? Then the scraping and snow removal from the car. 2 hours after arriving at National,  we finally got on the road.

In other news, the DNA Helix scarf turned out quite well.