Monday, September 26, 2005

Over Two Weeks since my last Blog????

Bad Nurse!!!!

Well, it's been a harrowing couple of weeks, but I'm still here. But not for long. I'm leaving on a jet plane tomorrow morning to go to Anaheim for a nursing conference. Now I don't know if I'll have time there to blog, but I'll give it a try. I'm still working on the picture thing. I've got some good ones.

There are a lot of raggedy ends that haven't been tied up, since work has been pretty busy, and nights have been late.

Stitch Marker pals-- I haven't forgotten you. I just haven't had 10 minutes to pack things up and get to the post office, because they're only open when the sun is shining.

Most recently, I can report that Spring Fling is almost flung-- on the sleeves, and decreasing at a most alarming rate, so the little sucker should be done soon. Made great progress in the car to/from Virginia Tech. Haven't decided yet whether it makes the trip with me. Klaralund is the likely trip project. I seriously need to limit the number of traveling projects and focus!!!

The Husband and I had a mah-velous weekend in Blacksburg, watching the Hokies nicely beat Georgia Tech. The weather was perfect-- overcast and cool. The Daughter and her 329 bandmates did a formidable job with the band alums (fun folks, they are...) and we stopped by Winchester to see the Son on our way home.

So, I'm mostly packed, but need to make sure I have some essentials-- like the plane and hotel reservations, ipod and charger, meds, cell phone and charger, computer, camera and charger, charge cards, and the beat goes on. (and the toothbrush and makeup would be nice, too.)

See you soon-- and depending on the hookup in my hotel room, maybe sooner than later.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

So How Much Fun Was That???

A whole lot!!

Taking a break from the sadness of Katrina and the overwhelming grief I still feel almost daily over this date, there is still room for happiness in life.

Iris Schreier of Multidirectional Knitting fame was at Knit Happens last night, and had a booksigning and workshop for our lys fans. As a group, we pretty much sped through the concept for the multidirectional scarf, and after a few hiccups most got the gist of Iris' lace shawl.

She brought some swatch-sized samples some of her ArtYarns which, of course, we drooled over.

Although this was in no way a contest, it soon became apparent that Carol and Maeve turned out to be the speed-stitchers, with Carol as the expert lace wizard. (By the way, Carol finished her Kaleidoscope shawl which is just awesome, and is working on a beautiful butter-yellow creation in the finest wool I've ever imagined. We all agree that it's the best yet--and she's done a bunch.) (and despite her protestations to the contrary, Carol is indeed creative. Just picking the right yarn for the right project causes me major stress at times.)

Kristine actually carved out time to sit and knit with us. She's the hostess with the mostest yarn, but has been so very busy lately....

Shanti will be leaving us soon, and I was so glad to have a chance to see her. She'll be moving on to bigger things. Navy people always seem to cross paths, and I for one am grateful.

It's really interesting how diverse our little table at the back of the store is-- students and lawyers and teachers and people who do international stuff and, heck-- I don't even know what some of us do-- there seems to be a lot of "consulting" going on. I've never been able to figure that out, either.

I got to see Courtney, and meet Patty, and saw Rosanna for the first time in ages. I discovered as I walked in the door that I had just missed Erika and Bennett. Darn Darn Darn!!!

Iris was interested in our nicknames-- we don't all have nicknames, because some people don't need them. 4-Ply Katie (one of those international stuff people)got her nickname because she LOVES, of course, knitting with 4-ply yarns. I'm NurseLaura because I am. Carol is the Wizard because that's what she is. and so forth.

Well, on for the day. I've got a few things to do, and then on to the shop to finish-- FINISH I TELL YOU! the pink and green baby sweater. I'm so almost there. Focus. Must focus.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Blog From a Nurse in New Orleans...

Oh my gosh. I will try to never complain again. Go here to find out why. And if you haven't given to a relief agency yet, please do it right now.

There Will Be Photography. Soon

The Nurse got a digital camera. Finally. Now I just need to learn how to use the thing-- and then learn to post pictures. Patience, Please.

Stitch Marker Swap

It's been pointed out to me that I didn't fill out the Stitch Marker questionnaire. Guilty. Fact is, I couldn't find it. I mailed out my first sets VERY early, because I was travelling, and then didn't check back to the yahoo page, because I was incommunicato. Sorry.

Quick answer to all the questions: I like surprises! I knit on needles from 0-13. All colors are good.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Green Day-- On to Something, or Not?

I like all --well maybe not all-- but most types of music. And I like some of, but not all of Green Day. One song I've heard quite a bit of lately is Wake Me Up When September Ends. It's a sad song, and September's beginning to turn into a bit of a bummer of a month, generally speaking, with events that range from tragic to just plain annoying. Bad things have been happening in September over the past few years. (April's no treat either, but Green Day didn't write a song about it.)

So I've had that ditty running through my head. And while I sort of like the idea of waking up in a few weeks, escaping the sadness of Katrina and 9-11, and some other things that were less catastrophic, but still very painful, it occurred to me that I better try to focus on the positive. I can't minimize the horror of these and other September events, but since I really can't sleep through the month, I'm left with a couple alternatives, including being really bummed out, or awfulizing until I really don't want to keep company with myself and can't really expect anyone else to want to, either.

Here are some good September things:

-Virginia Tech football
-Being able to walk outside and actually breathe
-Weather that starts to get cool enough to wear sweaters
-Seeing the piping plovers and ponies at Assateague
-Stomping grapes
-Iris at the shop
-Flowers on the crape myrtle
-A schedule that will hopefully allow for more knitting time and more opportunities to hit Late Night.
-The renewal that comes with the new school year for the kids
-Looking forward to Autumn-- colors, smells, comfort food, clear blue skies

I'll guess I'll stay awake through September. And try to smile.

Friday, September 02, 2005

When News is Part of the Problem-I Must Rant

I'm watching hundreds of buses, ambulances and trucks entering New Orleans with some 5 million MRE's, water, and a route out for at least some of our citizens who have been in such despair. So help is on the way. Yes, it took several days. Yes. The situation is awful. And Yes. These are our citizens and we owe them the best we can do.

I also saw footage of Geraldo Rivera who told of riding along in helo's with rescue teams. Good for him. One or two more victims could have been carried in the space and weight he was occupying.

I listened to Bill O'Reilly and some self-righteous blond loudmouth last night and this morning lambasting the government for not doing anything. Self-righteous loudmouth (my husband just told me her name is Nancy Grace)(btw, sitting comfortably in a TV studio) was yelling about why people weren't "getting off their butts" to go help. Guess what. All those buses and trucks didn't materialize in the last two hours. They've been prepping and traveling for a couple of days to get there. And now they can finally get there as the water is receding. The troops and volunteers who are helping needed to get to the staging areas. Stuff had to be loaded. And the troops and volunteers have to be prepared to enter the area. And this is not to mention the fact that they needed to get enough law re-enforcement to ensure that the supplies can get to the people who need it without getting shot by the lawless thugs who have terrorized their fellow citizens during this catastrophe.

Instead of buying into the "ain't it awful" mentality, I wonder why these people aren't putting their energy and visibility into mobilizing fundraising.

Another thing. Dennis Hastert has been misquoted. The question posed to him was loaded and there wasn't a way that he could answer without controversy. When he said that it might have to be bulldozed, he had probably looked at the news footage. How can you rebuild a building that is currently rubble without 'dozing it?

C'mon, people. If you're not willing to light a candle, then don't curse the darkness.

And Yes. I made a generous contribution to American Red Cross. I will give more as I am able. And Yes. I urge you to do the same.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Color Me Relieved

My friend Megan had a girl. In addition to being very pleased that mom and baby are doing well, I am immensely relieved that she's a girl. The pink and green and white sweater would not have worked well for a boy.

Ramblings in the face of Great sadness
The aftermath of Katrina is so overwhelming. Please pray for all those folks and hold them dear in your hearts.

Please give from the pocket of your heart to an established relief organization. The Red Cross, Salvation Army, Catholic Charities, Episcopalian Disaster Relief and many other organizations take contributions online. There are already fake funds cropping up. Be careful.

I can't judge those who are looting. Some are taking water and food and diapers-- things they need, and there's no one to pay, even if they had money. It's a Jean Valjean situation. But who needs a television or a gun in the middle of all this? The people who are stuck in an untenable situation now have to add fear of a bunch of thugs to their troubles.

Let's also pray that the politicians will continue to work together to help.

To those who are able to help with disaster relief, you are in my thoughts and prayers. This is truly a mission of love.

And that's all I have to say right now.