Thursday, September 01, 2005

Color Me Relieved

My friend Megan had a girl. In addition to being very pleased that mom and baby are doing well, I am immensely relieved that she's a girl. The pink and green and white sweater would not have worked well for a boy.

Ramblings in the face of Great sadness
The aftermath of Katrina is so overwhelming. Please pray for all those folks and hold them dear in your hearts.

Please give from the pocket of your heart to an established relief organization. The Red Cross, Salvation Army, Catholic Charities, Episcopalian Disaster Relief and many other organizations take contributions online. There are already fake funds cropping up. Be careful.

I can't judge those who are looting. Some are taking water and food and diapers-- things they need, and there's no one to pay, even if they had money. It's a Jean Valjean situation. But who needs a television or a gun in the middle of all this? The people who are stuck in an untenable situation now have to add fear of a bunch of thugs to their troubles.

Let's also pray that the politicians will continue to work together to help.

To those who are able to help with disaster relief, you are in my thoughts and prayers. This is truly a mission of love.

And that's all I have to say right now.

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