Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Green Day-- On to Something, or Not?

I like all --well maybe not all-- but most types of music. And I like some of, but not all of Green Day. One song I've heard quite a bit of lately is Wake Me Up When September Ends. It's a sad song, and September's beginning to turn into a bit of a bummer of a month, generally speaking, with events that range from tragic to just plain annoying. Bad things have been happening in September over the past few years. (April's no treat either, but Green Day didn't write a song about it.)

So I've had that ditty running through my head. And while I sort of like the idea of waking up in a few weeks, escaping the sadness of Katrina and 9-11, and some other things that were less catastrophic, but still very painful, it occurred to me that I better try to focus on the positive. I can't minimize the horror of these and other September events, but since I really can't sleep through the month, I'm left with a couple alternatives, including being really bummed out, or awfulizing until I really don't want to keep company with myself and can't really expect anyone else to want to, either.

Here are some good September things:

-Virginia Tech football
-Being able to walk outside and actually breathe
-Weather that starts to get cool enough to wear sweaters
-Seeing the piping plovers and ponies at Assateague
-Stomping grapes
-Iris at the shop
-Flowers on the crape myrtle
-A schedule that will hopefully allow for more knitting time and more opportunities to hit Late Night.
-The renewal that comes with the new school year for the kids
-Looking forward to Autumn-- colors, smells, comfort food, clear blue skies

I'll guess I'll stay awake through September. And try to smile.

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Laura said...

I think that tring to focus on the positive is a great idea. what else can you do?!