Sunday, September 11, 2005

So How Much Fun Was That???

A whole lot!!

Taking a break from the sadness of Katrina and the overwhelming grief I still feel almost daily over this date, there is still room for happiness in life.

Iris Schreier of Multidirectional Knitting fame was at Knit Happens last night, and had a booksigning and workshop for our lys fans. As a group, we pretty much sped through the concept for the multidirectional scarf, and after a few hiccups most got the gist of Iris' lace shawl.

She brought some swatch-sized samples some of her ArtYarns which, of course, we drooled over.

Although this was in no way a contest, it soon became apparent that Carol and Maeve turned out to be the speed-stitchers, with Carol as the expert lace wizard. (By the way, Carol finished her Kaleidoscope shawl which is just awesome, and is working on a beautiful butter-yellow creation in the finest wool I've ever imagined. We all agree that it's the best yet--and she's done a bunch.) (and despite her protestations to the contrary, Carol is indeed creative. Just picking the right yarn for the right project causes me major stress at times.)

Kristine actually carved out time to sit and knit with us. She's the hostess with the mostest yarn, but has been so very busy lately....

Shanti will be leaving us soon, and I was so glad to have a chance to see her. She'll be moving on to bigger things. Navy people always seem to cross paths, and I for one am grateful.

It's really interesting how diverse our little table at the back of the store is-- students and lawyers and teachers and people who do international stuff and, heck-- I don't even know what some of us do-- there seems to be a lot of "consulting" going on. I've never been able to figure that out, either.

I got to see Courtney, and meet Patty, and saw Rosanna for the first time in ages. I discovered as I walked in the door that I had just missed Erika and Bennett. Darn Darn Darn!!!

Iris was interested in our nicknames-- we don't all have nicknames, because some people don't need them. 4-Ply Katie (one of those international stuff people)got her nickname because she LOVES, of course, knitting with 4-ply yarns. I'm NurseLaura because I am. Carol is the Wizard because that's what she is. and so forth.

Well, on for the day. I've got a few things to do, and then on to the shop to finish-- FINISH I TELL YOU! the pink and green baby sweater. I'm so almost there. Focus. Must focus.


Carol said...

I am a technician. Pure and simple. Picking out a color does not make me creative.

Rossana said...

I LOVED seeing you yesterday! =)

FOCUS--you are finishing one mighty pretty baby sweater. What a lucky recipient!

Big hugs to you!