Wednesday, April 16, 2014

April 16th

We Remember

We Remember

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Actual Knitting Content- Believe It-- or Not

The Bunting and Hat
The Daughter's bestie had a babe, so of course, I needed to knit something.  Since his mom and dad are Hokies, it needed to be something of the Hokie persuasion.  I've always been a fan of buntings, so figured that would be a plan.  I used superwash Shepherd's Wool,  knit it in the round, and took my first crack at steeking (eeeekkkk!!!) and it turned out pretty well.  I inserted a zipper, and a bottom drawstring, and there it was. (The top zipper edge wasn't completely finished in the pic above)

Isn't he unspeakably cute?
And it almost screamed out for a coordinating earflap hat....

The 2/3 Shawl

We had some sadness in the extended family. What do knitters do?  We knit.  So I knit a shawl for the primary person.  At the same time, I was struck down by what I think was a strain of the flu that wasn't covered by my annual flu vaccine. Being out of work for 2 weeks, with a round-trip to Blacksburg in the mix, I was able to make great progress on this: (Yes, I know it's sideways.  I've rotated and saved it a bunch of times, and no joy--- but you get the drift). The pattern is the 2/3 Shawl by Wendy Johnson, knit in Schaefer Heather in the Willa Cather colorway.  I quit at the end of 2 skeins, not completely finishing the pattern, but since I used size 8 needles, it is plenty big.  I ran out of enough yarn to bind off, so ended up doing a sewn bind-off, which took forever, since it was the entire outer edge of the shawl, but it looks nice, and I had 18" of yarn left.  I love the colors, which remind me of crocuses blooming in the spring.

Color me productive.