Saturday, April 30, 2005

Getting Started

I've been absolutely wowed by reading the thoughts, insights, knitting progress, and inspiring comments of fellow knitters over the past several months. And I think that there may be some who are interested in what I may have to say. If nothing else, my high school English teacher, Tim, would encourage me to continue journaling, and the structure will encourage me to do just that.

Knitting people-- primarily women-- are awesome. The skills aren't just knitting and purling-- although the bulk of what we do is based on those two simple processes. Knitters use math, physics, art, design, color theory, and display the drive to create, to spend time focusing, make decisions, and transform long strings of fiber into functional works of art. The women I've met inspire me daily.

There's joy we share when someone finishes a project. There's true appreciation when someone uses a fiber in an unusual way. And there's the fellowship of being with like-minded people.

My LYS, Knit Happens, has been described as "the Happy Place," and I must say that's how I see it, too. Kristine has given us a place to meet, share, knit, and of course, buy incredible yarn.

We shall see how this goes. Please be kind.

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