Sunday, January 28, 2007

Back in The World

My editor gave me a brief pass on being late on deadline, so I decided to give myself a break. I'm about 90% done with my final edit and I figure I need about another 6 hours or so to get it finalized for the FedEx. So, The Husband and I decided to head to Blacksburg for the weekend to see The Daughter.

Nice break-- I knit on the Lizard Ridge shawl for nearly the entire trip down, and made some pretty good progress.
While we were driving I kept seeing things that reminded me of ridges:
Wonderful, of course, as always, to see The Daughter. I won't get an opportunity to see her again for awhile, since I'm away in a couple of weeks, and hopefully she'll be very busy with her pep band duties (wink, wink--don't wanna jinx 'em) during break.

I forgot how much "fun" it is to live in a pseudo-college dorm situation. In our case, our condo is in a primarily student-occupied area. The neighbor kids apparently had quite the good time Saturday night, and we were treated to LOUD yelling, knockin' on their door, and the like. At 3:45 am. My first move this morning was to check the entryway to make sure there were no frozen college students out there. Ah yes, those were the days.....

I stopped by my home away from my home away from home (Mosaic)--My home away from home is, and always will be KnitHappens) and saw Mimi. She and her little cronies at the Blacksburg house of yarn are also working on Lizard Ridge projects-- most lovely. I would have liked to spend more time there, but there was basketball to watch.

OK, Already-- Blogger-- I give up!!!! I was trying to put in a link to a very nice banner I found at that tells you that Virginia Tech is currently in first place in Men's Basketball in the ACC. This is because a) The Hokies beat Georgia Tech yesterday and b) Duke beat Boston College, bumping them out of first place. A picture tells a thousand (or a hundred or so) words, and it would have been more fun to see than reading this, but there you are.

And then the trip back-- mostly in the dark, so precious little knitting was accomplished.

And now to finish the bleepin' article and make it go away.


4-ply Katie said...

Your Lizard is looking so lovely! I really like that colorway! Good luck with the article; I'm also in final edit hell.

Gina said...

I adore the Lizard Scarf! I want to make one!

Mimi said...

It was so nice meeting you!! I am so excited you mentioned my name!@!!!! I feel famous!