Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Gettin' So Excited...

For a lot of reasons.

1. Yes, that's snow you're seein' there. Finally. I was up at 4 this am, and looked out the front door, and what to my wondering eyes should appear.... It's about bleepin' time!!!!


Yep, you're right again. That'd be me (with re-redded and just-cut hair== thank you Gail) at the FedEx. And That'd be the bleepin' article on it's bleepin' way to the bleepin' journal. I won't have to b**ch and moan about it any more. My friends and coworkers won't have to listen to me b**ch and moan about it any more. I have my life back. Sort of. Until the next revision.

3. After hitting the FedEx, I was able to spend a short bit of time at The Shop. Got to do a bit of knitting, a bit of catching up, and got to see some of the amazing new yarns that Holly and Aimee have procured for us, the Irregulars and for our at-the-shop friends we haven't met yet.

4. This is the REALLY big deal. I was supposed to be spending time this week (before the bleepin' article got so bleepin' out of hand) getting ready to go here with The Parents. We'll be living here

Our room's not too shabby:

I really need a break. And I'm so grateful that I'm getting this one. With my parents. All to myself. I am so blessed.

And I've got some packing to do.


Erin said...

Have a great time on your cruise!! Congrats on finishing your article, too! The vacation is your reward :)

Ann said...

Hey, way to finish up the bleepin' article! I'm sorry I missed you yesterday -- hope to see you soon!!

Gina said...

Congrats on finishing the bleeping article! I am so bleeping jealous of your cruise...midnight buffets! Endless knitting after exercise and a massage! Bleep! Have fun!!!!!