Sunday, March 02, 2008

It Was a Beautiful Day

Although it was quite windy and a bit chilly.

But despite the wind and the chill and the crowds (A very early St. Pat's Day Parade in Alexandria-- pretty soon it'll be held in January) our hearts were warm and it was one of the best recent days ever.

I met up with some Irregulars at Knit Happens. I haven't been able to make it to Late Night for several weeks, and I really missed everyone. It was like coming home after a long time away.

We caught some yumminess at Chipotle and on return to The Shop I set to the business of the most unbelievable in-person yarn sale I've experienced. Stef, Michelle and Kelly had incredible deals... 25--50--75--80--90--90 % off some of these terrific yarns!!!! I picked up a bunch of FibraNatura Flax (50%), some Nature Cotton (90%), a boatload of King Tut (90%), some Noro Kochoron (70%)-- Un-be-bleepin'-lievable!!!

I started on some linen hand towels, using the flax, as a special gift for a special person, using a pattern from Mason-Dixon Knitting. I'm using the Addi Lace needles-- a good match with the linen whch is a bit "splitty."

I ended up doing a bit of frogging. First I cast on the wrong number of stitches. Then my conversations interfered with basic counting... the beat goes on. I can say that the linen reacts pretty well to frogging and tinking, and softens up nicely. I am so looking forward to getting one finished so I can wash it and experience the drapiness promised by the Mason Dixons, Ann and Kay.

FidgetAnn met us after her class, and after a bit more sittin' and knittin', we (Ann, Dani, Elspeth and I) headed off in search of Margaritas and perhaps a bite to eat.
South Austin Grill was packed, so I suggested Hard Times Cafe, which has the best chili in the hemisphere if not the world. (I'd venture to say the world, since it doesn't seem likely to me that any other nation could "do" chili as well as the good ol' USA.) The chili (try the Frito pie) and Margaritas were out of this world. (I like all the chilis- but my favorite is Texas- as dry as possible.)

Then off to the Metro to head in separate directions, and home.

I continued to bungle the towel, and realized the reason I was messing up on this extremely easy pattern was that I was tuckered out, so frogged the whole thing and started over today.

Good decision, and I'm on my way.

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Ann said...

It was so great to see you and have a chance to catch up! Good luck with the towel-take-two.