Sunday, May 04, 2008

So I Missed MSWF

..But I got to go camping with about 150 Girl Scouts this weekend as the camp nurse. All went well, except for some coughing and stuffy noses thanks to massive amounts of pollen and dust in the air. The cause, of course, was beautiful weather for which we were immensely grateful.

I finished the first hand towel, and started a second. Hurrah!

The Tilted Duster is now done except for blocking and sewing on of arms.

So that means I can start another big project!!! And I still have gobs of yarn from last year's MSW and the big Knit Happens sale and a bunch of stuff I picked up last fall at Mosaic.

Speaking of KH, I was able to hit Late Night, and it was lovely evening. There are lots of socks, sweaters, tops, baby gifts and all sorts of other things being knit, I got to see lots of my knitting buds, and it was a truly relaxing time.

Sorry-- no pics today. My internet is REALLY slow, and my life is passing more quickly than the photo downloads allow.

Stuff happens.

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Jane said...

Hi Laura, looking forward to seeing the Tilted Duster when its sewn and blocked, I'm not sure where the year is going it just seems to be speeding by. Jane x