Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bad Blogger-- Bad Blogger-- That Would Be Me

However, it doesn't mean that nothing's been going on in my life.

First things first:

What a game. I must say that I had "cautious-- very cautious" optimism as I positioned myself on the couch last night to watch the Hokie action. It started out well, and with a couple of breath-holding moments (such as Nebraska's punt return for a touchdown-- GASP) it was great. Both teams played well, and it was college football at its best. Next week is in Blacksburg-- can't wait.

Work has gone from "Let's figure out who has enough vacation time left to stay home today" to crazy busy. In addition, there are loads of extra little projects that just really pile up. One at a time-- One at a time.

Knitting-wise, it's pretty much been the handtowels. I'm nearly done with #3, and may call a halt to them for awhile after this one, although they are terrific traveling projects. I have a couple of things in mind with some terrific yarn that is sitting in baskets. Need a plan-- and enough time to get it all together. And need to carve out more time than I have watching football.

The leaves are starting to turn, it's getting cooler, It's Fall!!! My kind of time.

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Jane said...

Now its cooled down I'm knitting a cardigan. Good to hear you are ok. Jane x