Monday, December 15, 2008

Still Kickin'

Life's been chock full of fun, craziness and busy busy work schedule. When I'm not working, I've pretty much been on the road.

Go Hokies
After beating UVA on Thanksgiving Saturday and clinching the ACC Coastal division, the Hokies headed to Tampa for the ACC Championship game in Tampa. It was a quick turnaround, but the men in Maroon and Orange played a great game against Boston College to win the ACC Championship.

It was a beautiful day, marred only by the Tampa cops roughing up some of our students after the game. Apparently they wanted everyone to clear the stadium. It would have been nice to make an announcement to that effect, because everyone was still celebrating. The students would have been glad to leave, but didn't want to be separated from their friends-- it's a big stadium, and you might never find them again. It was so unnecessary, and makes me wonder if I want to attend another event in Tampa. Maybe the cops were FSU fans.

So our New Years' will be spent in Ft Lauderdale/Miami for the Orange Bowl. It should be great fun. We'll watch The Daughter's final performance with the Marching Virginians, and hopefully (finally) a Bowl win for The Hokies.

A Weekend Together
The Husband and I did a little travelling on our own this last weekend. He had a meeting in Charlottesville (home to another state university). On the way down we decided to check out Williamsburg reservations, and were able to get reservations for The Christmas Feast at Shields' Tavern. So off to Williamsburg we went for Saturday night. They had Illumination of the Taverns, complete with fife and drums. Williamsburg is always lovely, but even more so at Christmas. It was a nice weekend.

Knitting-wise, I make progress on the Feb Lady sweater, but I'll have to rip out a big chunk because I reversed my increases after having put it down for awhile. Sigh.

I finished the Christmas Stocking for The Daughter's Friend's Relative. After 3 go-arounds, several rip-outs of the duplicate stitch designs etc, it got its bath last night and looks pretty darn decent. I did an I-cord for the hanger, and all that's left is to sew that on and pop it in the mail.

I'd lament not having more knitting accomplishments, but with night shifts and travelling and general life busy-ness, it's taken a back burner.

And now to try to get the home ready for Christmas, and off to my Chicagoland family this weekend to bake cookies.

I wonder how many miles I've logged in the past 6 weeks?

(no pictures-- the computer that holds the picture files has a busted power source-- should be back up in a couple of days.)

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Jane said...

Happy Christmas, hope you have a wonderful time filled with happiness and laughter. Jane x