Sunday, March 29, 2009

Gonna Go To Class

I really like taking classes-- Craft classes, management classes, nursing classes, it really doesn't matter too much. I like learning new stuff.

And I'm so excited that I'm going to be taking Olga's Hairpin Lace Class at Knit Happens a week from tomorrow.

This is the same Olga who designed the awesome Petal Halter that is all over Interweave (featured in the spring 2009 issue!!!) and is just simply brilliant. And we get to just sit and knit with such brilliance!

Anyway, she's going to teach me how to do the Hairpin Lace! (Not the Petal Halter seen above.) There are all sorts of things you can do with this. It makes long strips of open crocheted fabric that can be connected together to make shawls or afghans, or you can use a strip as an insert in a knitted object.

I tried to find a good picture to put in here, but I couldn't find one quickly that fit the bill. After class, there will be a picture.

I saw a demo of hairpin lace on a tv show, and thought it looked like fun, but I really couldn't make much sense of it when I tried to review it in my head.

I'm one of those tactile learners, I guess!!!

(and hey-- if you want to learn, there might still be room in the class!!!)

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