Monday, October 25, 2010

Beautiful Autumn

First of all.... no pictures. Not that I didn't take lots of them on our cruise to New England and Canada--- and to/from Blacksburg for football games, and lots of beautiful foliage pics.

Someone decided that they needed my camera more than I did, and it was apparently stolen from my boss's office at work.

It's been an amazing time, though.

After a couple of losses, the Hokies are doing quite well--- rebounding and leading the conference division. We've had some wonderful weekends with The Offspring for game weekends, and it's been precious time together. We've spent time with dear friends at tailgate parties, and it's been good.

Work continues-- I love my work-- I just hate going to work. The traffic gets worse by the day, and my patience requires constant bolstering.

Our cruise took us to Newport, Rhode Island; Halifax and Sydney Nova Scotia, and Quebec. We had time to relax, and time to be together, and we met some terrific people. Since the pictures are gone, the memories will have to live in my heart.

I've been knitting again. I'm doing hats now, which seems to be working well, because I can get them finished in a reasonable amount of time, and I'm hoping to give them to sisters and sisters-in-law this Christmas.

Today and tomorrow will be focused on shopping for and preparing baked goods for our bake sale at work.

And I might just get myself a new camera.

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Jane said...

Sorry to hear your camera disappeared, hope you got a new one now. your cruise sounds amazing. Happy knitting. Jane x