Thursday, November 10, 2011

Commitments and Over-Commitments

This seems to happen to me every Fall. It's my favorite season, since the weather becomes tolerable and the colors are breathtaking. And it's time for football-- our beloved Hokies, our friends in Blacksburg, and time away from the DC craziness spent at our little apartment.

But it's also a time when a lot of deadlines hit me. Compounded with the time away, I end up with an almost overwhelming amount of "work stuff" that all seems to come due at the same time. I'm just past the worst of it, just in time for the beginning of the holiday season.

I attended a conference today focusing on Ethics and caring. It's what I do-- caring for people, and sometimes I don't realize the toll it takes. It's wearying.

So, a few more days, and then a bit of time off with family for recharging my batteries.

And getting back to some serious knitting-- for my saKnity.

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Jane said...

Happy Christmas and new Year. Hope you have a good rest and lots of lovely things to enjoy. jane x