Saturday, April 07, 2012

Happy Easter

Priorities get skewed surrounding Easter-- It's about rebirth, resurrection, renewal- not candy and parents promoting "take no enemies" egg rolls.

It's the end of Lent- a time of reflection and self-improvement.

The connotations and customs surrounding Easter are unique in different cultures, and can lend themselves to unusual interpretations. When we lived in Italy, I was taken with the breads that were baked for the holiday, as well as the dove-shaped "Colomba" cakes, symbolizing peace and rebirth.

Taking nothing away from the religious significance of the holiday, there are amusing aspects, as well.  I shared the story of the Easter Bunny with our Italian babysitter.  She invited our family to join theirs for the big Easter celebration held on Easter Monday in much of Europe.  And she proudly presented the main course in our honor--- rabbit.

I do love me some chocolate bunnies, though...

(Image shamelessly borrowed from The Lighter Side without stealing bandwidth)

And what shall become Aranami

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