Thursday, May 10, 2012

Back From Europe

The Daughter and I returned from nearly 2 weeks in Europe. What an incredible experience.

Day 1 into Day 2. We flew from BWI to Rome via Heathrow in time for breakfast in London.
On to Rome, arriving late afternoon. We had planned to take the Leonardo Express to Termini and then connect by Metro which would have cost about 16 each, but found a van that took us directly to our hotel for 20 apiece. So worth it! We based ourselves in Rome for 5 nights, staying at Hotel Prati, about 3 blocks from the Vatican. We discovered how close when we went for a gelato walk after dinner, turned around, and saw this:

Our location was superb-- close to the Vatican, lots of great little restaurants, and a reasonable walk to the Ottaviano Metro-- giving us access to most of Rome.

We were pretty tuckered out, so hit the sack and got ourselves turned around.

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Jane said...

Wow sounds like a beautiful holiday, I'd love the visit Rome too.
A coconut shy is a group of poles with small bowl shaped tops that have coconuts sitting in them. then the public pays £1 for 5 balls and tries to hit the coconut out of the holder - if they suceed they win the coconut. Love Jane x