Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Ah yes-- That's Better

It's been a busy week for the Nurse. Very little knitting has been accomplished, but many, many hours in the chosen profession. I was going through serious Knitter-Friend withdrawal, since I was not able to even catch up on the blogworld. So what's a woman to do? Why, hit LateNight at Knit Happens, of course. I was so very thrilled and happy to see Erika who is finally vertical. I was further thrilled that she brought the most amazing chocolate-covered strawberries and raspberries and blackberries, and a yummy looking banana pudding. I hadn't seen Liz for awhile, and she ALSO brought a wonderful surprise-- Sophie and her new shoes!!! Sophie is the cutest thing-- and lucky, too, to have a mom who can knit such wonderful kiddie clothes for her. Shanti was there! Shanti was there!-- oh yes, we remember her-- (Ravenna's making great progress). Holly and Brittany were holding down the KnitHappens fort, and Carolina and Maeve and Carol and Ann and Erin and Rosanna and--- oh yes, there was knitting, too.

There was sockage, and Martha-ing and various forms of lace-age, and bulletproof mittens as well as the obligatory stockinettestockinettestockinette. I worked on Spring Fling, as I needed something other than stockinettestockinettestockinette. I did, however, tinktinktink. I think it is my destiny. Did I mention that I really heart the purple Cathay?

It was just what I needed. (Not the tinking.) The sittin' and knittin' and talking and catching up with everyone just calmed me right down. It's really energizing, and life is good. (The chocolate covered berries help a lot, too.) I'm ready for tomorrow.


Laura said...

Having a knitting party with some great friends always helps your mood. glad you had a good time. Good for you.
I just realized yet another similarity b/w the two of us. Once I can go back to school I decided a year ago that I want to be a nurse. And the plot thickens!
I'm not going to get my BSN b/c I am already to far along with my biochemistry degree. I am hopefully going to attend the UofI graduate nursing program. It's a master's in nursing and you can have any college degree to get in.

Interesting, interesting... =0) Have a good one my friend!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the good thoughts! Good friends and a little knitting (even if it involves tinking!) is just the BEST!

Rossana said...

It's always such fun to see you! Thanks for bringing your good cheer! I hope your work schedule becomes a little less hectic so you can knit and enjoy your summer! =)