Sunday, June 05, 2005

Yarn Barf Blobs

Well, that's how I spent a chunk of the day at Knit Happens. It seems that today was Yarn Barf Blob day at KH. One blob involved what was probably thousands of yards of black "dental floss". We gave it our best shot, but only managed to detangle about a third of it. Cindy was detangling some errant King Tut, and had similar progress. Suggestion (of which I have precious few...): Yarn hanks? Swift! Ball winder! It's a Good Thing. Use 'em.

I had a laid-back afternoon. Did a few rows on The Daughter's Spring Fling, and chatted with the folks at the shop. Got some sage advice on matters sock from Carol, saw Liz for a couple of minutes as she blew through for some Lorna's Lace sock yarn, and saw Kristine's finished-but-not-yet-constructed Harriet, and pondered guage.

Went home, and detangled more yarn. barf. blobs.


Jenn said...

Hey Laura! Keep an eye out on your e-mail (the one in your profile). You should be getting an e-mail from Knit Happens as a thank you for wasting so much of your Sunday helping me with my yarn. Thanks again.

Laura said...

oh I spent today and two days ago untangling some of my yarn. I don't enjoy doing that. Too furstrating!

sorry it has taken me so long to comment on your blog. I'm doing some major catching up on my bloglines tonight! I couldn't get enoughtime at the computer without being bugged. So in this house I get everything done around 2am.