Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Back to The Happy Place Again

Klaralund is all sewn up, and actually wear-able.  I stitched it up yesterday and all that’s left is a bit of weaving-in.  It’s very light, and very warm.  I wore it outside today, and I could feel immediately where the “v” in the back was.  And in fact, I wore it to Knit Happens for Late Night this evening. It was great to see everyone.  I cast on and did a few rows on the wonderful Bolero Jacket from Debbie Bliss’ Simply Soft book. (It’s this year’s pattern book from The Club. It’s done in Cashmarino Chunky, and I chose a dark teal that is really lovely, and knits up fast. Now mind you, “fast” is a relative term.  It doesn’t mean that I’ll complete the project in the foreseeable future, especially since I must be very judicious with my time until I get my writing projects finished.)  But I will certainly find some snippets of time, because I’m looking forward to wearing this while it’s still cool enough. (I know—winter has only spent a day or two here, but one can hope.)

I feel quite righteous, since I spent hours and hours today on a literature search for my projects.  I killed a small tree on the printouts, but it was interesting stuff—to me, at least.  The only problem is that I could go on for weeks just tracking related articles, and somewhere along the line I need to call a halt and get on with it.

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