Thursday, June 08, 2006

And a Bit More Detail

We're off for #4 brother's wedding. I'm so excited for him and The Beloved. She has 2 great daughters who fit right in with "The Cousins"- the 24, now going on 26 of our collective children. Coming from a big family (I have 4 brothers and 4 sisters), it's been really valuable for my offspring to experience being with lots of family. Just being together is always an event. And having something to celebrate makes it unbelievable.

I did hit Late Night last night for the first time in probably a month. Knitting Knews alert: Spring Fling (yeah- the purple lacy short-sleeved cardi for The Daughter... yeah- the one I started a year ago-) is almost done. I'm in the last throes of the sleeves. I picked it up again when The Daughter decided to wear the lavender dress with the purple flowers to The Wedding. There are a couple of wonky spots in it, but... stuff happens. Gonna look for that galloping horse. Miracles happen-- I was able to pick up a skein of the Debbie Bliss Cathay in the same dye lot! Color me purple and happy!

Katie, who lives in Romania now, graced us with her presence, having flown through nasty weather from Boston. She had a yarn orgy, and when I left The Shop, there was a stack of about 20 skeins on the table, waiting for her credit card to exercise itself. She brought along some of her amazing work, including a darling lace-edged baby sweater in purple Cathay that looked like it could have been Spring Fling's little sister.

Shanti called and it was great to talk with her.

...and with Almost-a-nurse Stephanie, Just-back-from-her-honeymoon Ann, Working-at-being-a-lawyer Maeve, Planning-her-chuppah Cindy, Knitting-an-amazing-silk-sweater Nikki, Managing-it-all Holly, Keeping-the-rest-of-it-all-together Aimee and Launching-out-on-a-new-career Erin... (sorry- I need to wrap this up, and don't have time for all the links)

It was so great to be back with my Irregular friends. What an interesting combination of people. And now so geographically diverse as well. And with the ups and downs, excitements and celebrations, tragedies and joys of our lives, how blessed I am to share it with these special people.

Sometimes you just get lucky.

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Shelley said...

Oh, and I missed it all...I really need to get my butt in gear, eh! I remember the purple project! Good for you...hmmm...maybe i should dig one of my zillion UFOs out!