Thursday, August 24, 2006


Tuesday: The Daughter calls in the morning to tell me that the SWAT team has evacuated all the students from Squires at Virginia Tech, classes were cancelled, and VT was on lock-down. And that she was fine. The guy who shot and killed two people was captured on VT grounds later that afternoon.

Wednesday: Late Night. Good company, good conversation, good times. Much needed, much refreshed. I was really glad I could be there, since I have to work on Thursday and Friday, and will miss the AWESOME sale.

Thursday: Found out that Sister#2's beautiful home in Chicagoland was hit by lightening this morning at 6 am. School has started there, so all were awake. She got the kids and dogs out safely. One of the dogs was very frightened and hiding, but they were able to find her at the last minute. All are well. The fire was very extensive, wiping out a large portion of the house as well as the garage and several cars -- lots of fire, smoke and water damage. The house is uninhabitable and will require a massive amount of work.

She has been so generous to all of us in her home. In addition to my parents' home, it is where we gather to spend time together, mark joyous occasions, bake cookies, celebrate holidays, including the incomperable New Year's bash-- it is our gathering place.

I just don't know what to think. There's nothing I can do to help, except send prayers.


Ann said...

Oh Laura--what a week! I'm so glad that your sister and her family are safe. They'll be in my prayers.

Phyl said...

Sending prayers! I am so glad everyone is safe.

Stephanie said...

Prayers going up from Chez Knitting Nurse. I'll definitely keep all of you in my thoughts.

And thank you for your kind words they other day. They helped tremendously!