Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Nashville-- Here I Am!

Due to a burp in the registration system for the conference I'm attending, I have the morning free-- so a bit of a blog, and then to the Country Music Hall of Fame that is across the street from my hotel and the Conference Center.

I'm looking at the Ryman Auditorium right now-- original home of the Grand Ol' Opry. I was thinking of trying to get tickets to the Opry last night. Carrie Underwood was playing-- but I opted for barbecue take-out and early bed in the hotel.

So I'm looking forward to several days of interesting sessions-- I'm DEFINITELY in the session I wanted this afternoon.

No pictures right now-- there are computers set up for us to use at the conference, but I do believe they'd frown on my breaking in to access the cpu and load up photos-- so next week I'll catch you up on any interesting things I might see.

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