Monday, November 27, 2006

Nicely Done, Hokies

A nice win over UVA, and a respectable season. While we lost to Ga Tech and BC, it was pretty good overall. We won't make it to a BCS bowl, but there may be a bit of post-season action.

So what does one do after football season is over? (Yes, I know that there are pro games --- Go Bears---but college ball has a special place in my heart.)

Well, I'll have some weekends free. In my job, we have to work weekends, because people don't get sick on only weekdays. With the football schedule, I've had to work every weekend that wasn't a game. So that means that I may be able to hit The Shop on some Sundays.

I'll also have to spend a big chunk of time doing the final edits on The Article-- yes, the one that I submitted last March-- solicited by the journal, and then escaping into a black hole somewhere. The peer reviews are done, and I've got fixes to make-- all due by Jan 20. If all goes well, it will be published in June. This writing stuff is not for the weak of heart. Hats off to you, Erin!!

I'm spending an extra day in Blacksburg, relaxing a bit before heading back to crazy-land. It's been a busy couple of weeks. I worked a bunch of nights going into Thanksgiving week. And then, since I was also working Wednesday, Thursday (Thanksgiving) and Friday, I recovered a bit on Monday, and then we had our Thanksgiving on Tuesday.

This is the way it works in our family. Since I have to work holidays as well as weekends, we "declare" our holidays for whenever we can do them-- hence, Thanksgiving on Tuesday. It worked out well for The Offspring as well, since they were both able to work on Thanksgiving. (Both have been promoted to "Blue Shirts" at the theater where they work-- I'm such a proud Mama!!!)

Thanksgiving dinner was great-- all the usual foods, including pumpkin pie and lo-carb pumpkin cheesecake made from pumpkin that The Daughter prepared, froze and brought home. They were great. (10 pm phone call the week before: "Mom-- I have this pumpkin. How do I fix it?" She made a pie that we sampled before the Kent State game-- really good.)

The real bonus was that I finally got the dining room cleared out. We actually ate at the dining room table. What a concept. After Christmas, it'll most likely become my home until The Article edits are submitted.

I'm setting up my Blacksburg room as a study for The Daughter, since we won't be here as much for the rest of the school year. The bed will be more like a couch, and I got a table that will be perfect for spreading out books and papers. We put up a small Christmas tree in the living room here-- artificial, which goes against my nature, but a lot more practical since the apartment's small, and the girls won't have to worry about taking it down to avoid needles everywhere (never mention the fire hazard) when they leave for Christmas break.

Well, I've got a boatload of stuff to do before I head back north. No knitting, since I'll be driving, but I'll listen to an audiobook-- such fun.

Catch you later.

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Ann said...

I love that you declare holidays on random days. I'm glad it worked out well -- good luck on the writing, and hope to see you soon!