Thursday, June 07, 2007

I'm So Excited- Again

For several reasons:

1) Although I told you "enough already" about the bathroom, I get to use the shower today. The grout is fully cured. So that's REALLY the end of the bathroom news. (Fair warning-- there will be another bathroom renovation, but I'm pretty sure it won't be as exciting for me. At least I don't think I can afford for it to be....)

2) This arrived in the mail yesterday. It's my copy of The Book for which I authored The Chapter that I whined about so mightily a few months back. I'm Chapter 15- Capillary Blood Sampling. Aside from the fact that I am now published (in hard cover, I might add- with internal spiral binding for your reading convenience), I won't ask you to get excited about it. A bunch of my friends at work also contributed. If you're not "in the business" this book is definitely not your cup of tea. It's not only extremely esoteric, it's also a bit graphic. But as far as professional "how-to" guides go, it's pretty darn swell. It'll be something to show my grandchildren, which I hope I don't have any of very soon.

3) I was able to move some shifts next weekend, so I can go to Blacksburg to help sew together the Hokie Healing blankets. This project has helped me a lot, and helping put them together is something that I really, really wanted to do. And I was pretty devastated when I realized I was scheduled to work for the entire weekend. Some of my co-workers made switches with me-- one even working my Saturday in exchange for her Wednesday!!! I still need to work next Friday, so I'll either leave after work (7:30 p.m.) or more likely, get up around 4 a.m. and arrive around 9, in time to hit Starbucks before going to The Inn for the Great Sewing Together of the Hokie Healing Blankets.

4) I got a call at 5:15 this morning asking if I'd like to be off work today. Since I'm bumping up against my maximum number of vacation hours, it took about 3-1/2 seconds to say "You Betcha!!" I may be able to spend a bit of time at Knit Happens today. And if not today, maybe sometime over the weekend. I haven't been in for awhile because of my schedule, and I miss those chicks with sticks.

And now I think I'll go back to bed for an hour or so.


knittish said...

How exciting to see your chapter in a published hardback book! I know you've worked so long and hard on it. Congratulations! And capillary blood sampling sounds very important to me--I know I'd certainly want mine sampled correctly!

By the way, your renovations look so pretty!

jasmine said...

Congratulation on the book -- wow a published author!!! (oh and on the bathroom, too). I've been missing you, too -- hope to see you soon.

jody said...

congrats on getting published in a book-woohoo! and i hear ya on the renovation front-our life is just one renovation after the next i think-but it's so exciting when it's done!!! glad you can make it to the sew up party-i unfortunately will miss it 'cuz we're headed to the beach that day-boo!