Tuesday, August 28, 2007

It's Been So Long

Since I've blogged, and since I've done any productive knitting.

Back to work-- busy, busy, busy. It's been emotionally draining.

I haven't even had time to read other blogs, until today.

I was able to hit Late Night a couple of weeks ago, and it was so very wonderful to be back amongst my knitting buddies. I took along the Lizard Ridge shawl, but yet again ended up not paying attention, and goofed it up. So, frog, frog, tink, tink. I plan to be at The Shop tomorrow night, and can't wait. But I think I'll need to focus on something that requires minimal, if any, counting so I can focus on the conversation.

Lizard Ridge, while not challenging, is best left for the car rides to Blacksburg.

Speaking of which--

Hokies Football starts this week!!!!

I'm looking forward to the whole thing-- the car rides with time spent with The Husband, unchallenged time to knit during the drive, being with The Daughter and her friends, the pre-game excitement, the great football games themselves, the mountains, visiting my friends at Mosaic--- just can't be beat. This will be an important time for continued healing in the Hokie community. April 16th is ever present, but the spirit of the wonderful people of Blacksburg and the incredible resiliance of the students are moving forward.

Let's Go Hokies!


Ann said...

hey, guess what? I'm proud to be a hokie!!
hope to see you soon! :)

Jane said...

Hope the Hokie's win. Happy knitting.