Monday, September 03, 2007

Some Tears, Many Cheers, and a Few Fears

The Hokie Nation is alive, well, still a bit bruised, and back in force in Blacksburg.

We arrived Friday night after an uneventful ride down. I got about half of one Peekaboo Mitten (using Debbie Bliss Cashmarino DK from Knit Happens) finished for The Daughter.

In addition to her roommate, 2 of The Daughter's friends were visiting, so it was quite a little house full. Or quite a full little house. Or apartment. We had a great time-- we all went to Buffalo Wild Wings along with another of her visiting friends on Friday night and ordered 100 wings. I could never have imagined ordering 100 wings, but with 7 of us-- and 5 of them college girls and recent grads, we polished 'em off. Wish I'd taken a picture! I totally enjoyed being with all of them. I had a great time.

The game was very emotional-- tributes at the beginning videos, a flyover, and more than a few tears. The game itself was less well played than we were comfortable with, but we won, and hopefully will be a bit more focused for next week's game against LSU.

After the game The Husband & I walked back to the condo, stopping at the Kroger for provisions. I fixed spaghetti for the crew, and we had some rather "well done" garlic bread and salad. I told them they could do whatever, and that my feelings wouldn't be hurt, but that I felt like having spaghetti, and they could freeze it if they wanted to do something else. They seemed to like the spaghetti idea. They went through nearly a crock pot full of sauce. It made me happy.

Yesterday morning I test drove the new waffle iron The Daughter and I picked up before she went back to school. The girls went through a whole box of bisquick's worth of waffles. Hmm-- could it be that they miss "Mom's" (as in everyone's Moms?) cooking? (I'm not that great a cook. Good- not great.)

It was so great to see The Daughter-- and it had only been a couple of weeks. I hugged her as we left, and just didn't want to let go.

Of course, no trip to Blacksburg is complete without a visit to Mosaic, so we stopped by after leaving The Girls. I was lucky to get there just as Gina was leaving, so at least got to get a hug and say "hi". And they were having a sale, so a bag of Noro Silk Garden jumped into my arms. It was comforting, because there was also a huge sale at Knit Happens over the weekend, and I wasn't there!

We went to campus to view The Memorial on the drillfield. More tears. More aching in the heart. More sadness for the families who can't ever again be with their loved ones. More prayers, more thanks, more pride in our students and their school.

I completed all but the thumb on the Peekaboo Mitten on the drive back, but decided it was a bit too short, so frogged back to the beginning of the finger decreases. I'll probably end up making a whole additional pair of these, or rip the whole thing out because I probably should have used the smaller gauge pattern to begin with, and it's a bit snug around the palm.

So, off for a few days-- getting ready for another bathroom renovation-- and then back to work.


Gina said...

Great to see you! Wish I could have stayed longer....see ya next home game!

jody said...

I made those peekaboo's-I think it's a great pattern! but I think I added some stitches in there or something-i'll have to check-b/c I thought it was too tight or short or something and needed some extra rows or stitches or whatever i added. whatever i did worked out well so i can check (it was many months ago) and let you know if you want. i love knitting mittens!! it WAS a beautiful day saturday, wasn't it??

Jane said...

Great to hear you had a good trip and the Hokies won. The memorial looked good, it must be very heart breaking to start the new academic year with so many students and staff missing.

jasmine said...

Thanks for the recap. And just wondering, how many bathrooms do you have in that house?