Monday, September 10, 2007

Here We Go Again

The Destructo guys came in on Friday, took out the old tub, pot and sink, and installed the new tub. While plumbing the tub drain, they needed to cut a hole in the ceiling of the powder room below. Oh joy.

The Husband painted the ceiling, window and door frames yesterday.

Today is Drywall Guys. Apparently they didn't get the word about a major part of the wall being removed to accommodate the plumbing, but they're being mensches (that's a good thing) and getting it all done. They were actually scheduled for 2 days, but I don't think it'll take that long.

When we have walls, I'll paint-- might even be able to get it done today, because these guys are moving fast. The Daughter ordered up a rich, grey-toned blue. I have the paint chips and will head off to Lowe's this afternoon. (Must remember to get paint for the powder room ceiling).

The mirror and wall cabinets are a medium walnut finish, and I think it'll be a striking combination with the bluish-grey wall tile that will surround the tub to the ceiling. The tile accent at eye level is various tones of blue, grey and green stone.The floor is going to be a dark grey tile.

The big hole around the tub will have cement board installed, which I'm told is the Tile Guys' job. They should be done by Friday, and then the Plumbing Guys come on Monday for the final install.

There will be a mirror(Michael's), two wall cabinets (IKEA), a small pedestal sink, brushed pewter fixtures, brushed pewter towel bar, tp holder & towel rings (Lowe's) and I get to go shopping again for shower curtain, tension bar, and new towels (probably Bed Bath & Beyond). We got a small floor cabinet (IKEA) with drawers that complements the wall cabinets.


In the rest of my life, I worked the last 4 days (Thurs-Sun) and am a bit tuckered out. The Hokies football game against LSU started at 9:30 on Saturday night. I was initially really happy, because I got home at 9 p.m. so saw kick-off wearing my VT scrub shirt (a Christmas gift from The Daughter her first year) which I wear when I have to work on Game Day. During football season, I usually have to work on Game Day for "away" games, since we have season tickets, and I arrange to be off for home games in Blacksburg.

Nurse=work when people are sick=days, nights, weekends, holidays. It's part of the job.

I went to bed at halftime because I had to get up at 5 to go to work.

Cost/Benefit analysis:
Cost: stay up for the rest of the game, be sad, get to bed at 1 am. Wake up groggy and grumpy for a 12 hour shift.
Benefit: not much.

I tried changing my shirt. I had my Team United bracelets on. I hummed Tech Triumph, The Hokie Fight Song and Carry Me Back throughout (somewhat to the consternation of The Husband), but it didn't seem to help. So with the score 24-0 at the half, I joined Sandman. I felt like I was abandoning the team, but there are hundreds of thousands of other fans, so maybe it wasn't my fault. I will say that as I drifted off, I envisioned the final score as 57-3, so 48-7 wasn't as bad.
I received many condolences at work on Sunday morning.

Might I say, in the greatest and most sincere spirit of Hokies Respect: LSU was awesome. If we had to lose, it was to a team that truly outplayed us.

But we'll be back.

Knitting-- yes, there is some: Restarted the Peekaboo mittens.

This time for sure!!!


Gina said...

It was sad to lose...I saw it coming...but boy, it sure does smart. It will be an interesting football season.

Jane said...

Phew! no wonder you are tired. shame about the game will keep my fingers crossed for the next one.

Bel said...

Hi! Wow, you have some serious project going on...but it will be wonderful when complete. Every house project is miserable in the beginning...I've been there.

I recommend getting some rest and enjoying a knitting break...let's see what you're working on!