Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Moving Right Along...

First of all, no pictures. That's why I haven't posted-- The Blogger is being difficult.

VT beat Ohio University last Saturday. It wasn't a blow-out, and Ohio made The Hokies work for it. The freshman QB Tyrod Taylor did a respectable job, and the game served as an offensive tune-up. We needed that-- the "tune up" and the win.

For those familiar with the chant that accompanies the offense inside the 20 yard line, you may not know that "Stick It In" has been prohibited to the band. No cadence, no words, nothing. "Stick It In" is very much a Hokie tradition-- as much as the lunchbox, as much as the "key play" on defensive third downs. The Student section took over, and did us proud.

Weaver-- worry about the IMPORTANT things!!!!

Weather-wise, it was about as perfect as you could expect-- sunny, cool, in fact downright chilly in our seats. Fall's on its way.

The first mitten is nearly done after many rip-outs. Number two was started on the way home. Most of the trip was spent snoozing, however, since I had to work Sunday night. WORK!!!! It's such a distraction!

In brief bathroom news, it's completely done-- looks really nice.

Wish I could show you the pictures....

And now, off for Blacksburg. Tomorrow's game is against William and Mary.

Should be fun.

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Sneaksleep said...

Hi! Just found your blog thru a six deegrees of separation kind of thing thanks to Ravelry and KH. Glad to hear about the bathroom!
-Bryna :)