Thursday, September 27, 2007

And What To My Wondering Eyes Should Appear...

And I wish I'd had my camera. (but if I get time later today, I'll take some pics to share.)

Met The Husband at Lowe's last night after a great time at Late Night. We were going to get a couple of final touches for the most recent bathroom.

On my way in I saw-- Christmas trees. Lights. Tinsel. Great Big Blinking Snowflakes.

When I entered the store I saw-- Big inflatable snowman things with plastic snow flying around.

I Couldn't Bleepin' Believe It!!!!

It's September.

And 93 degrees outside.


jasmine said...

that is an abomination! It also is starting to bug me how much halloween has been made into a huge buying holiday. Argh.

Anonymous said...

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Jane said...

In England Christmas cards usually appear at the beginning of September in the shops. I have already had two catalogues for Christmas come in the post/mail. Our daytime temperature is approx 60-70 degrees.