Friday, October 19, 2007

Actual Knitting Content...

And a few assorted other things.

First for the knitting:

This lovely Tilted Duster from Interweave being done in Noro Silk Garden. I'm starting with the sleeves-- knitting them up to the sleeve cap separately, and then I'll do them both at the same time. Then no sleeve island for me.

I think it'll be an interesting sweater, what with the angles and stripes and all. The problem that's driving me a bit nuts is that Noro screwed me over. I started the first sleeve last week at Late Night at Knit Happens following a night shift at work, so I was a bit fuzzy (although I'm told I was quite amusing. Glad to oblige.)

I ran into a knot, so did the ol' spit-splice thing and knit merrily on my way. I dutifully went through a new skein when I started the second sleeve, to make sure I started in the same place so the stripes would sort of match. Even though I realize it's handspun/dyed yarn, I like them to bear some resemblance to each other stripe-and-color wise.

Do you see any pink in the middle of the left sleeve? Neither do I. I do believe the folks who put in that knot weren't too concerned about continuing the colorway in order.

After much discussion this week at Late Night (also somewhat foggy and with only 2 hours of sleep after yet another night shift) I was reassured that the nature of Noro allows for some variation, and unless I was going to make myself crazy with the whole thing, and unroll each skein side-by-side to ensure matching-ness, I should charge forward. So charge forward I will. Holly was kind enough to put me in for 5 more balls of the Silk Garden, which luckily she already has on order.

This is a short sock, using the Stephanie Pearl McPhee's Sock Recipe. It's in a bamboo blend yarn that I picked up at Mosaic in Blacksburg. (I took out the link here, because some bug sent me to a bible college site.)

These guys are Peekaboo Mittens for The Daughter who is a member of

Their little hands get cold in the stands during the football games (or they will, if it ever gets below 80), so she can wear these.

And when it's time to play..... Peekaboo!!!!

Needless to say, the thumbs aren't done yet, and I'm working on that grafting thing.

By the way, if you're looking for some interesting info about Virginia Tech's Marching Virginians, read this
article about the Marching Virginians in ESPN magazine.

Hey-- They Said It Was Going To Rain

And when I left work this morning, I did feel about 5 raindrops. But Hey-- they promised Thunderstorms. Lightening. Something to make us feel that our 34 days of rain-less-ness was coming to an end.

It seemed like the birds were expecting some weather.There were literally thousands of them in the trees outside the hospital, making all sorts of noise.As I looked closer at another tree, I realized these weren't leaves. They were MORE BIRDS!

Tippi Hedron-- Watch Out!!!!

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