Thursday, October 25, 2007

Breaking Away

But not before seeing Karida's marvelmous new yarn at Knit Happens this evening. It was a lovely time, although I needed to bug out fairly early.


We're on our way to Blacksburg in the morning.

In the rain.

For Thursday night football.

In the rain.

But hey-- there's been a drought, so it's a good thing. And maybe it can stop for a couple of hours tomorrow night.

It would be nice.

And then...

A whole week

Here's an interesting segment I found at the website:

First Aid Tips
We hope you don't have any problems while visiting Hilton Head Island, or if you live on Hilton Head Island. But, if you do have any of the following problems, we offer some helpful hints for you:

Sunburn - Soak in cool water unless skin is broken or blistered. Ibuprofen may help.

Bee Stings - Apply a baking soda paste and ice. If allergic, seek medical help.

Jelly Fish Stings - Apply vinegar, sugar, salt or dry sand. After 20 min., rinse with salt water.

Crab Bites - rinse well, disinfect, and apply antibiotic ointment. May need stitches.

Tick Bites - DO NOT attempt to remove the tick. Cover with vaseline or a film of oil. When insect is free, remove with tweezers. Look for flu-like symptoms for up to two weeks. If this occurs, seek immediate medical attention.

Snake Bites - CALL 911. Use a compression dressing just above site, NOT a tourniquet.

Oyster Shells - cuts and abrasions can result in serious infections. Medical treatment advised.

Alligators - Do NOT go near alligators. They run very fast. Do NOT feed or tease !

Sting Ray - rinse with water and apply heat to neutralize sting. Seek medical attention.

Hmmmm.... May need STITCHES???

Way to promote the tourism.

I think I'll survive.

And if it rains, I'll read books and knit. I can think of worse ways to spend a week.


(catch you later)

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jody said...

OH-we LOVE Hilton Head!!!! We go there every summer and were just talking about wanting to go there RIGHT NOW!! I could think of nothing I'd rather be doing than hanging out there, going to the beach, alligator watching (we do this w/ the kids-but not too closely, for real! they DO move FAST!!) Have fun-say hello to the sand for me!