Thursday, January 17, 2008

All Right!

I hit Late Night on Wednesday. It had been awhile since I'd seen some of my friends. As always, conversation was lively (hint-- Andrew Morton's new book)and the work of these talented women was beautiful, as always. Stef gave a rundown of the TNNA excitement, and a wonderful verbal preview of the incredible new yarns and products we'll be seeing in The Shop.

I finished the first of my new mittens. It's a take on a peekaboo mitten, but with more overlap in the back. It's knit in Lorna's Laces 100% Alpaca in camel. Not sure where I got the yarn-- I think it was an eBay purchase, and it's the same yarn I used for my Mom's Branching Out shawl in teal. I have a couple of skeins in a bright-ish pink.

Now I need to do the other mitten.

So What's With The ADD?

And why do I have to work so hard to keep from casting on a new project before I finish what's in progress?

I really need to/want to finish the Tilted Duster, but I'm nervous about the shoulders. I simply need to get out the tape measure, focus, and just jump in and do it.

Part of it is the stash situation, I think. I have some wonderful yarns screaming to me to be knit. There's a beautiful grey and white handspun wool/angora I got at MSW. There's a sweater's worth of Jaeger Aran in teal from Knit Happens. There's one of those huge skeins of Mountain Colors from Hunt Country. I have lots of incredible sock yarns from lots of places.

I imagine there are worse problems to have.


Jane said...

Mmm! little or no stash! I'm working on that, don't want to get too much yarn as i might run out of ideas!!!!!!!!!!!! - don't think thats going to happen. Good luck with the tilted duster.

Jane said...

There is an award for you Laura. Please pop over to my blog and collect it
Jane x