Friday, January 11, 2008

Headin' South

For the weekend, that is.

The Daughter is going back to school, and I'm driving down with her. The Husband will join us this evening, because we have tickets for the Hokies/Terps basketball game tomorrow.

The Daughter and I went grocery shopping yesterday, and I'm pretty pleased with our purchases. We've both decided to get serious (again, for me-- the constant battle)about eating healthy. So as we were checking out, I looked at what we'd purchased, and it was nearly all lean meats, chicken, fish, lots of veggies, soup, fruit--- all the stuff we should be eating.

We loaded up The Husband's car with the canned goods and some of the hearty veg. The proteins are in the freezer getting ready for the transit. We'll stop for dairy on the way out of town.

Quite an accomplishment.

Random Pic of the Day:

One of the resident parrots at The Salty Dog in Hilton Head.

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Jane said...

Hi Laura, healthy eating, mmm we are trying that one at the moment in the hope of losing some weight. (Not sure if it will work)
Please pop over to my blog as I have given you a "You make my day award" Love Jane x