Sunday, August 16, 2009

It's Been A Long Time....

And a lot has happened.

In June I went to the Midwest for The Parents' 60th anniversary. It was an amazing time, and I was able to re-connect with a cousin I hadn't seen for many years. Her husband and daughters are delightful, and it is wonderful to have them in our lives.

July brought the annual family reunion. Words fail me-- the blessings we have, the happiness we experience when we're together, the time with my children, my parents, and my sibs, spouses and kids. The Husband wasn't able to be there-- otherwise it was perfect, although a bit chilly. I was able to spend time with my parents-- there's never enough time--- so we cherish the time we have.

I golfed. I really did. For the first time in my life. Can you even believe it? I hit a lot of grounders. Maybe I was born to putt. I seemed to do it for a couple hundred yards on every hole-- and my actual putting wasn't awful.

Now I'm here, commuting between the greater DC area and Winchester. The Son is moving into a townhouse, and we've spent the last couple of weeks getting him set up. I painted for a few days last week, and with time and large quantities of ibuprofen, my thighs are finally functioning without excruciating pain from climbing up and down the ladder. The knee is another story. I turned in a store, and twisted the silly thing. I hope I haven't done a lot of damage-- it doesn't hurt, but feels a bit "stuffy." We'll see.

Knitting? Not so much. I'm halfway through the sock I started in June. I've been preoccupied with some major things, and my focus isn't there. Maybe if I just do it, I'll be able to get back in the groove.

Just got home from seeing Julie and Julia--

I highly recommend it.


Jasmine said...

Good to see a post from you. I have been missing all my knitting buddies and need to get my life back in order enough to see people again. Too, too busy... hope all is well

Jane said...

Yes we've been busy too, now i'm back at school hopefully some routine will return. Jane x