Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Help for Haiti

The earthquake in Haiti puts into perspective so many things that are better seen as minor annoyances in my very comfortable life. NBC. Traffic. Grumpy co-workers. Bills.

Please read PJ Doland's article in today's Unclutterer. He puts it all much better than I could, and has several links to reputable charities who are helping.

Knitters Without Borders is another link, sponsored by our favorite "Yarn Harlot".

Click here to get to the site where you can contribute to Doctors Without Borders.

I made a contribution. Please consider what you might be able to do.

1 comment:

Jane said...

The destruction and injuries do look awful, Oxfam uk is collecting to send out help, money and clothes ou to Haiti. I'm going to drop in tomorrow on my ay home at lunch time to make my donation. Jane x