Tuesday, March 06, 2012

We Carry On

It's been an interesting month. I dealt with some very draining situations at work. There are great joys in my job, but also overwhelming sadness at times.

I am usually able to compartmentalize-- keeping work at work, and not bringing my day home with me. Usually.

Sometimes I get very close to a family and it's not so easy to get over the overwhelming sadness. I had one of those a couple of weeks ago. I'd been present at the baby's birth, and was with the family through his too short life, and was with them when he died five weeks later. I found myself at home-- too sad to do much, but needing to do something to center on and work through it all.

I made this prayer shawl for the baby's mother. It calmed me and gave me a purpose and focus.

Prayer shawls have two purposes --or in Portia's words, (as with the quality of mercy) "are twice blest-- they bless those who give and those who receive."

I sewed small charms into it-- symbols of the baby's short life, and of hope and peace.

I hope she finds small comfort in it.

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