Friday, July 07, 2006

It’s Always Something..

And the past couple of weeks have been no exception. Either you’re having deluges, or the calls keep coming from work, or you keep losing your place in your knitting, or you’ve missed an editor’s deadline with no solution in sight.

I’ve missed Late Night for the past couple of weeks because of frantic “Can you Possibly work tonight” calls, and am going to miss Knit’n’Nosh tonight for the same reason. It’s difficult to explain how disappointed I am to miss this weekly “fix”. And I’ve been unable to make it in to The Shop on the weekends for the same reason.

This week’s work total will be 68 hours. I usually work 36. The paycheck will be sweet, to be fair, but holy cow!!! And the extra hours are all nights. I really don’t mind nights, since I get better sleep during the day when I'm doing long strings, and there is that bit of differential. But there is disruption to the rest of life with all this -- day or night. Of course, I could say "no". But I wasn't raised that way.

On the knitting front, I’ve abandoned the Baltic Sea Stole for now. I just couldn’t “feel” the pattern. And with not having enough protracted time to work on it, I kept losing my place—there are pattern stitches on the right and wrong sides, so for someone with my fractured attention span, eternal vigilance is required-- despite hiliters, post-it notes, row counters and such. Plus, the quick color changes in the variegation of the yarn I was using didn’t help—couldn’t see the pattern as well in the knitting.

So I ripped it all out, and started a triple-wide Branching Out. It’s simpler, because the wrong side rows are all purls to give my addled brain a rest. Baltic Sea will be back. But I knit for enjoyment, and when it’s not being fun, it’s time to switch gears.

And somewhere in the middle of all this, I need to make the editors fixes to the book chapter.

And hope not to get a frantic call.


Erin said...

Nurse Laura, we have missed you!! Just keep thinking about the paycheck, though, and the wee ones you've been helping at the hospital :)

Ann said...

Hang in there sweetie! We'll see you when you reach the light at the end of the tunnel! (and just think of all the extra yarn money you'll be getting... surely enough to cover something cozy and cashmere for the winter...)