Thursday, July 27, 2006

No Pictures Today

But plenty were taken by others at Late Night. And what a crowd we had to celebrate Holly's birthday at The Shop. Of course, I hadn't hit Late Night for probably a month or so-- so it was great to see everyone and catch up. And holy cow-- talk about good! Incredible cakes from Ann,Erika (who left with Bennett before I got there, darn it!,)Rosanna and Stephanie (hey-- keep a good thought for her-- it's a big day today).

I worked on the second wee sockie, and picked up some Mission Falls to make some nice washable baby sweaters. They're poppin' out all over the place, and I'm barely keeping up!

The Husband and The Son came to pick me up, since we've had another of our musical car scenarios going on. We went to Las Tapas for dinner-- lovely sangria, great food, flamenco and a guitar player who was quite good.

Today's schedule:
1.Gather stuff for vacation to Lake of the Ozarks (Whoopee!! Family Vacation with The Parents, The Sibs and The Offspring). Most needed.
2. Take MY car in for an estimate and leave it to get fixed. The Son got rear-ended by a person who has turned out to be, shall we say, less than cooperative with our insurance company. He wanted to skip insurance and pay for it himself. That would be fine, if he were honoring the estimate. (Hey, Mister... when you hit the back of somebody's car while you're playing with your dog-- or whatever it was that you were playing with, you have to replace the bumper and fix the car so that the trunk will close. And guess what? I'm not going to have Joe Schmoe fixin' the not-yet-completely-paid-for Volvo with parts from the junkyard!!!)
3. Do laundry.
4. (only if the spirit moves me) finish a teaching unit for work.

And tomorrow-- leavin' on a jet plane.
Catch you next week.


Rossana said...

What a treat it was to see you and meet your husband and son last night!

Have a relaxing and fun vacation!

jasmine said...

Have a wonderful vacation -- I know mine was a great chance to restore and revive. I hope to make it to late night soon as I haven't seen everyone in so long.