Friday, April 27, 2007

Hokie Healing- It's a Great Thing

So I'm in Blacksburg, and I gave The Daughter a long, lingering hug-- so that fix is taken care of. Temporarily. More hugs to come.

Then, since she's quite the busy girl, with quite the busy life, and since I'm trying to be the very liberating mother and resist the urge to hold on to her and keep her with me every second so that I can be 100% sure she's safe for this minute at least, I headed over to Mosaic. I was lucky enough to run into Gina just before she left for home. Lucky me!!!

I'd read about Hokie Healing, which is a project she started to make blankets for the families of the victims of April 16th. Gina and Loren told me that they've had inquiries from around the country.

What a great idea. I wanted to write notes to each of the families, but I just don't know what I could possibly say.

So I'm making squares-- and having fun using some techniques I haven't tried before. No pictures or details right now-- but perhaps in another day or so.

Please visit the Mosaic site, and if you have some time, and some maroon and/or orange and/or black and/or white yarn, whip up a square or two to send in. If you've been affected by this horrendous tragedy and need an outlet, this is a great one.



Gina said...

It was fun hang'in with ya today! Wonder what the New York Times will do with us tomorrow or the next day! Yipes! Scared!

Mimi said...

It was nice seeing you today!! SOrry I called you Betty!!!