Friday, April 20, 2007

Ut Prosim

Thank you for all your emails, phone calls and comments. I've passed your comments and thoughts to The Daughter. She was amazed at how many of my friends were concerned about her.

She is safe. She has been spending time with her friends, grieving and just being together. The band director and his assistants have been keeping a close eye on the band members, making sure they're not alone. A number of students from the marching band are going by bus to Georgia late tonight for "Stack's" service tomorrow.

I am exhausted. It's been a long and stressful week, with many tears.

My heart aches, not only for the families of those lost, for the students and faculty who were injured and their families, for our children who have lost their innocence, but also for the family of that disturbed boy. I hope someone is helping them.

Tonight--- sleep.

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