Sunday, April 22, 2007

Re-Entering the World

We've been pretty much hunkering down this week at The Nurse's house. Aside from going to work, we've been staying home, keeping in touch with The Daughter through phone calls, text messages and emails, and trying to deal with the awfulness of the week.

The Daughter is doing ok-- she and her Hokie friends have been taking care of each other. I saw her on TV last night, playing at Ryan "Stack" Clark's memorial service.

It's been tough not being with her. But I know how important it is for her to mourn, grieve and heal in her own way. We're going down to Blacksburg this weekend, and I'll get those hugs I've been aching for.

Meanwhile, I ventured out today, spending a couple of needed hours at Knit Happens with Aimee, Elspeth and Kelly. I made some progress on The Daughter's top. Maybe pictures tomorrow.

I hit 5pm church, and then The Husband and I ordered Chinese delivery. This is my first regular food in many days.

I, who avoid frivolous refined carbs at almost all cost, have been living on cashews (not bad), coffee (aka my lifeblood) and yodels.

Yodels. For the uninitiated, they are the Little Debbie equivalent of Ho-Ho's.

A week ago you couldn't have paid me to eat one, or even forced one into my mouth. I hadn't had one of those in over 4 years.

It's time to start to recover and heal.

No more yodels.


Gina said... as many as you can. Food of the Gods. See you soon, we all need more hugs.

My Alterknit Identity said...

Hi Laura!
It was great meeting you at Knit Happens Wed nite
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I typically only blog once a week, unless something spectacular happens to me mid week