Saturday, July 21, 2007

...And in Happier News

Decent progress on MS#3.

And-- my Harry Potter book just arrived.

Catch you later.

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jody said...

I am still just about to start clue #3-oh well, since I have never really gotten into the harry potter books, maybe having the extra time will allow me to actually catch up!! I am enjoying it but have just not had much time or really even desire to knit lately-I know, it's terrible! I think i'm just in a funk and hopefully will snap out of it-I too am holding tightly to the last few eeks of summer with my girls at home and then I will have 2 in school instead of just one-I know it is not away at college, but I still hate having them gone all day. If your daughter ever needs anything here in B'burg, please don't hesitate to ask!!