Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Mystery Shawl #3 and Non-Bulimic Purging

Making some progress after 2 total frogs from 20 rows or so. Pics tomorrow, maybe.

The better news is that I've been making some noticeable progress in de-cluttering. We have way too much stuff (my massive yarn stash and multiple sets of needles and accessories don't count!!!!!) (Except maybe my bazillion straight steel needles from my pre-Addi, pre-Crystal Palace past. I'll probably give them to friends as starter needles as I teach them to knit.)

I've filled 3 lawn & leaf bags with clothes I haven't worn forever, or just decided I don't care to wear anymore. I hope to fill 2 more. I filled a box with shoes that are in good repair, but don't fit perfectly. Life is too short for sore feet, regardless of how lovely the shoes may be. (Go Crocs!!!) My side of the closet is pretty amazing. I'm holding on to most of my tote bags, because one can't knit without them.

There are charity pick-ups at the house on Saturday and Monday, and my goal is to have a respectable pile for each pick-up. Y'know-- the second iron that works well, the huge amount of coordinated plastic storage containers that looked so great at the Tupperware party-- 15 years ago, the stack of jigsaw puzzles I picked up before a vacation just in case it rained all week, the pool toys that the kids have long outgrown, the matching Samsonite I received when I graduated from high school (still works great, but HEAVY!!!), fabrics for projects that just aren't going to happen, and at least some of the vases and flower-arrangement containers that have accumulated over the years.

I've donated most of the hotel toiletry items to a shelter. I kept the really nice ones, and am using them in my new bathroom. It makes me feel like I'm staying at a resort--- at least while I'm in the shower. We take our escapes as we can...

I'm in the process of giving my several year collection of needlework/crosstitch pattern magazines to a friend who loves and will use them. I will probably put together my flosses and give them to her as well. I haven't cross-stitched for probably 5 years. If I decide to do another project, I'll get more.

The hardest project for me is de-booking. I need to set a reasonable goal for donating books to the ongoing library book sale. I was endowed with such a love for books, that it's hard to part with them, but hey-- they're taking over the place!!!

I'm still so far from where I want to be, but you remember that trip of a thousand miles....

And then there's the office. Lord, give me strength!!!

I'd much rather knit.


Liz Cadorette said...

Way to go, lady, sounds like you're kicking clutter's butt!

If you have in your mound of giveaways any wool sweaters or flannel shirts, may I please have those? I am trying rug hooking and it's helpful to start with gifted fabrics rather than purchasing more. :)

For your books, just one recommendation would be that you can take them to a used book store; some of the stores will pay you a pittance and someone looking for what you're offloading will become very happy; other stores give you store credit, which isn't particularly helpful for de-cluttering, but is great for when you need a new read but don't want to buy new books. :) Local-ish ones that are great are McKay's used books in Chantilly/Centreville, and Already Read used books in Alexandria, just down the hill before Generous George's on Duke Street. Their location is a bit awkward, but they are good people. :)

Gina said...

Good for you...as for the books...I'd never be able to give those away!